Moon Modeler

Design tool for MongoDB

MongoDB design tool
MongoDB design tool - embeddable documents

MongoDB modeling

  • Manage MongoDB or Mongoose structures in Projects
  • Visually design MongoDB or Mongoose schema
  • Specify collections and embeddable sub-documents
  • Draw manual references among collections
  • Define collection and fields specifics
  • Create hierarchical structures in diagrams
  • See Quick Start Guide for MongoDB design

Diagram enhancements

  • Set colors for collection and document headers
  • Add notes in HTML format, include pictures
  • Display metadata, sample data or descriptions
  • Display cardinality marks in diagrams
  • Define colors for references
Notes in MongoDB models
MongoDB validation script

code generation

  • Generate code for single collection or project
  • Generate validation scripts together with other options
  • See code formatted and with syntax highlighting
  • Add custom code to BEFORE and AFTER sections

User interface

  • Always sharp vector based graphics
  • Switch between LIGHT and DARK themes
  • Use UNDO and revert changes comfortably
  • Toggle basic/advanced line mode
  • Show or hide side panels to maximize diagram area
  • Zoom in, zoom out and reset UI zoom
MongoDB Design - UI
Mongoose schema

schema design

  • Design Mongoose schemas visually
  • Define and embed nested types
  • Create references
  • Specify options
  • Generate Mongoose scripts
  • See Quick Start Guide for Mongoose schema design

Top 3 benefits

1. Blueprint to your product

A diagram can give you a clear model of your data structure and help you recognize errors.
It's like a blueprint to your house. You know what you are building, how to connect the pieces
and you have the necessary documentation.

2. Visual representation

A picture is worth a thousand words.

3. Efficient communication

It allows all your team members to understand the relations
among collections and documents in an effective manner.


Trial/Early Access version expires 14 days after installation.
Freeware version allows you to save projects with 10 objects at max.

Windows installer

Version: 1.6.0
File size: 64MB
Requirements: Windows 7/8/10

Linux AppImage

Version: 1.6.2 Early Access
File size: 103MB
Tested on: Ubuntu 18.4, 18.10

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